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Custom Solutions

At one time custom solutions were out of range for small-medium businesses.  Now with the proliferation of web applications, mobile apps and APIs, custom software may benefit many types of companies and in fact create new revenue streams.

Large custom solutions are not for every company, but if you need custom software the Lush Group can help you define a product idea and develop a specific application. Many companies are built on custom software applications; their software application is the basis of their operations. In other cases, an application is required to automate a particular aspect of their business. Then there are companies who need to exchange data with enterprise-ready partners or vendors. No matter the scenario, the professionals at The Lush Group can implement an operational solution that meets your specific business objectives.

Web services, APIs, web applications, and mobile apps all offer new paradigms for efficiently meeting business needs and creating new business models.

As technologies evolve combinations of existing applications are morphing into new versions of custom solutions. Let the Lush Group assist your company in defining new cost efficient solutions aimed at meeting your organizational needs. We are up to date on the latest and most effective technologies, and will recommend the most effective business solution for your company's situation.

Over the years we have implemented custom solutions for customers in nearly every industry. If you have a need to offer specific functionality not available pre-packaged, please talk to The Lush Group about implementing your solution.