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Integration Services

As business needs evolve, existing systems need to be enhanced with new functionality. The Lush Group brings knowledge and expertise required to solve the complex issues surrounding systems integration. With a solutions-oriented approach, the Lush Group can augment existing functionality or engineer a complete business-to-business interface.

APIs support new business models, providing companies a way to engage with other businesses and applications interactively.  Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) refer to software systems that can be accessed by other software systems.  APIs have been around and used by programmers for years.  More recently, business communities have accepted secure APIs as a means to enhance business and support new business models.   Today, APIs are driving business transformations.  It may be the core to a B to B transaction or connections to smart phone applications, but everywhere they are changing the digital landscape.

APIs are about to change the health care landscape and solve current interoperability challenges.  Ask us about FHIR, SMART on FHIR and Blue Button on FHIR.  Green Button provides new insights to reduce energy costs and support environmental objectives.

From initial system design, the Lush Group considers long term implications, network and database requirements to design solutions which provide scalability and maximum security to enhance the existing environment. Our aim is to provide clients with results, not simply technologies.