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Patient Directed Sharing

There are still far too many situations where health data is not easily shareable. Patients are asked to provide medical history from memory, completing the same long forms for each new provider they visit. Additionally, patients are rarely able to accurately list their medications, often incorrectly remembering dosages, or even omitting medications entirely. The burden this places on the provider increases both administrative costs and the likelihood of ordering unnecessary duplicate tests, making it difficult to effectively provide quality care.

In most industries users can access, and control access to, their own information. Patients, quite rightly, expect the same from the medical community. Additionally, there is a wealth of evidence correlating high patient engagement with improved long-term health outcomes. Concerns about security, privacy and data interoperability have long kept this dream of patient-centered information management at bay, but we believe we are finally at an inflection point.


ShareMedData empowers our patients to safely share their health records with users of their choice, in an interoperable way that respects and honors patient security and privacy.

ShareMedData is a system of standards-based components that can be used in many of the key health care use cases. It can be configured to enable health care systems to provide these features to their patients.  It is EASY to use for both patients and providers.

Where is the industry now?

  • Within a healthcare system, providers can access patient health data.
  • The industry is rolling out systems where the patient can safely access her health records from her provider's EMR/portal.

The missing link: Patient Directed Sharing

ShareMedData is a system that allows the patient to control the sharing of her clinical data.  She can authorize who has access, how much of her data they have access to, how long they have that access and she can revoke access when she wishes.  This enables the seamless flow of clinical data to benefit both the patient and the providers.


The ShareMedData solution is standard's based, using FHIR, OAuth, OpenID Connect, UMA2 and HEART.  It works with security components supporting best practices in user identity and authorization.

ShareMedData can be configured to work within a health care system or portal.  Or it can be configured to support a separate repository containing patient data.  Contact us for more information on how ShareMedData can enable seamless data sharing for your organization.

Key Benefits

  • Too often, a patient needs care by a new physician, but that physician is unable to access her clinical records

    • Enables immediate sharing
    • Reduces duplicate services
    • With a complete picture, more appropriate care is provided
    • Eliminates delay in care due to lack or records

  • Empowers the patient to engage in their care
    • Patients should be a pro-active partner in their healthcare
    • More efficient encounter with patient aware of plan in advance
  • Enables seamless physician to physician exchange
  • Reduces burden of exchanging data