The Lush Group’s HealthyMePHR solution was selected as a Phase 1 & 2 winner of The Department of Health and Human Service’s Move Health Data Forward Challenge.

HealthyMePHR allows patients to control who has access to their health data. The solution makes it easy for the patient to share data with their physicians, family members, or other caregivers.  Additional planned features will accelerate clinical data sharing on a patient-by-patient basis. (Refer to the HealthyMe Overview)

There are still far too many situations where health data is not easily shareable. Patients are asked to provide medical history from memory, completing the same long forms for each new provider they visit. Additionally, patients are rarely able to accurately list their medications, often incorrectly remembering dosages, or even omitting medications entirely. The burden this places on the provider increases both administrative costs and the likelihood of ordering unnecessary duplicate tests, making it difficult to effectively provide quality care.

In most industries users can access, and control access to, their own information. Patients, quite rightly, expect the same from the medical community. Additionally, there is a wealth of evidence correlating high patient engagement with improved long-term health outcomes. Concerns about security, privacy and data interoperability have long kept this dream of patient-centered information management at bay, but we believe we are finally at an inflection point.

By utilizing the new HL7 FHIR standard, UMA and related HEART specified technologies, HealthyMePHR will be at the forefront of a new class of solutions dedicated to reducing administrative overhead, making clinician visits more productive, and improving patient engagement and well-being.

There were many worthy competitors in this Challenge.  We were honored to be among them, working to improve health and wellness.

The Lush Group is focused on supporting the industry with innovative solutions using FHIR integration. Targets include empowering physicians with consolidated data and decision support, patient engagement, and connecting devices and apps to clinical portals.

HealthyMePHR has now been upgraded to a new product, PatientShare. The new solution has been redesigned to connect to any health data repository making it easier to any organization to enable patient focused sharing.  PatientShare has also been upgraded to support UMA2 and the most recent security standards.


Move Health Data Forward Challenge

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