HealthyMe for Patients

Imagine having your complete healthcare record available to you, online in a secure location, with the option to share some or all of your clinical information with whomever you choose. Now imagine that with your permission, your healthcare providers have access to your clinical data. The result; efficient and consistent quality of care and less legwork for you and your doctor! In fact, studies have shown that when patients are engaged with their healthcare data, quality of care improves.

The system provides an easy mechanism for the patient to store their clinical data in a secure cloud location.  The patient can then easily define their own sharing policies.  This approach allows patients to easily share their clinical data with other trusted users, including physicians both in and out of their primary network, relatives, or other advocates.  Once the patient has shared with a trusted user, that user can easily access the patient’s clinical data.

This means users can safely and securely share records with physicians, family members or healthcare advocates. It’s that simple!

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