HealthyMe for Providers

HealthyMePHR provides patient-mediated information sharing by providing a secure, private method for sharing clinical data while solving today's interoperability challenges. 

The system provides an easy mechanism for the patient to store their clinical data in a secure cloud location.  The patient can then easily define their own sharing policies.  This approach allows patients to easily share their clinical data with other trusted users, including physicians both in and out of their primary network, relatives, or other advocates.  Once the patient has shared with a trusted user, that user can easily access the patient’s clinical data. 

At the Lush Group, we are passionate about wellness, patient engagement, and improving physician workflow to provide improved care.  We recognize that HealthyMe represents a little different approach than the standard interoperability solutions. We are convinced that this and related technologies will provide a major difference in clinical data exchange from the reality we now experience.

HealthyMe is a new product that is not yet available on the market.  We are actively seeking pilot opportunities beginning in the August-September time frame.

HealthyMePHR software developer Nancy Lush notes “Concerns about security, privacy, and data interoperability have long impeded the efficient exchanging of clinical health data, but we are finally at an inflection point and at the forefront of a new class of solutions dedicated to improving patient/physician engagement and well-being.”

If you would like to be included on the HealthyMe provider list, please complete the form below.  If you are interested in participating in a pilot, please indicate your interest in the comment field.