SimplaFYI created a network to expand the awareness of and access to complementary and integrative care, to advance personal health, well-being, and self-care.  The Lush Group created the first version of their software, as a web based application, to bring the product to market.  A sampling of screen shots can be found below.  SimplaFYI is positioned to use their healthcare experience and innovation to reduce the cost of healthcare while improving member’s health and well-being.


Conanicut Marine has operations in three locations serving their recreational boating clientele. During their busy launch and haul seasons, it was difficult keeping track of the status of each boat. They wanted to provide more accurate status information when customers called and improve their management process. The Lush Group developed a Launch/Haul planner mobile application which provides centralized status of each boat being handled by Conanicut Marine. Launch crews and management have a common dashboard to determine boat status.  When customer’s call the office staff is able to provide current information. The new system automated a previously tedious management process.

 A marine customer had a need to access work order data stored in a legacy system.  A data connection between the legacy system and a Sharepoint dashboard provided both detail and summary work order information.  The company can sort and filter data to provide a management dashboard and insight into their operations.


Healthcare Integration

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) is a new technology aimed at improving the ability to share medical data.  The Lush Group has been involved with the workgroups testing this new technology and has created prototypes using sandbox data.  Many of the top EMR companies have committed to provide interfaces in 2016 that support FHIR connectivity.  The Lush Group is positioned to develop FHIR-based apps and interfaces for organizations to provide clinical information internally and to exchange data across organizational boundaries.