Web Based Solutions

Web based solutions are relatively simple to develop and can provide functionality and access to a broad audience.  Typical web-based solutions may include:

  • Web-based applications - These complete applications are available via any browser.  With responsive style sheets they adapt to all devices and are a good method to provide common functionality across device types. They do require an active internet connection.  Traditional web sites provide content and simple forms.  In contrast web-based applications can provide specific custom functionality to meet specific needs.
  • Software-as-a-service - This term is used less frequently today, but provides a business concept that is recognizable.  Many companies have data or functionality they wish to share.  Data and functionality can be published as a service that would allow external digital systems to access.  The custom pieces could be publishing data or functionality for others to use, or creating electronic access to services published by others.
  • API solutions - Application program interfaces can be used to create services that are exposed to external users.  (These may range from employees to unknown users that may subscribe for a fee.)  Your company may also have the requirement to integrate your system to an external API.  

These solutions would include appropriate security and payment systems as determined by project objectives.

Web based solutions are an effective method for providing valuable services to our customers and external folks in a cost effective manner.  Web services provide connectivity between separate software packages and can surface corporate functionality to make it available to other applications or users. The Lush Group consulting may help businesses identify optimal approaches for digital transformation, or implement a defined solution.

No matter the scenario, the professionals at The Lush Group will help you clarify objectives and implement an operational solution that meets your specific business objectives