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FHIR and SMART on FHIR integration

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) refers to a healthcare standard for health data exchange.  More specifically, this API is a cornerstone to achieving seamless and secure exchange of electronic health data. The Lush Group has created early FHIR-based solutions and has been involved with FHIR workgroups since the API introduction.  We are committed to solutions that make it easier for a physician/clinician to provide better care and to enable patients to be more involved and responsive to their own care

CDS-Hooks EMR access to external solution via CDS-Ho
CDS-Hooks Thumbnail

Early solutions have enabled combining clinical data with algorithms and external insight to create innovative solutions to improve care. The FHIR API also allows patients to safely access their health records, empowering patients to be more engaged in their own care.  Solutions which allow patients to direct the secure exchange of their clinical data are now becoming available. 



SMART on FHIR mobile app
Demonstration of patient data accessed from EMR by SMART on FHIR application.

Most of the top EMR companies have released FHIR API solutions and these are currently being rolled out in healthcare systems across the country. The Lush Group is positioned to develop FHIR-based apps and interfaces to increase the seamless flow of health information.

FHIR integration, SMART on FHIR and CDS-hooks applications are enabling a new wave of clinical interoperability, allowing the industry to bypass some of the old roadblocks.

Contact us to discuss FHIR Integration solutions that may benefit your patient population. 


  • Integrate clinical patient information with external logic to improve care
  • Empower patients to become more involved in their own care
  • Unlock the flow of clinical data exchange
  • Develop innovative solutions once deploy across multiple EMRs