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The Lush Group has been providing product development and software solutions since 1988, with focus on Healthcare for over 25 years.  The team consists of senior professionals with deep experience in business, operations, software development and analytics in the Healthcare space.

At the Lush Group we are passionate about patient engagement, wellness, and interoperability.  We believe that by empowering the patient to be engaged in their own healthcare, they will reduce chronic symptoms, become healthier and contribute to reducing the cost of healthcare.  We advocate for seamless data integration and solutions that empower physicians as well as patients.

The Lush Group specializes in FHIR integration.  By providing better information at the point of care, we can reduce provider burden, eliminate administrative tasks, and improve outcomes.  

Our first priority is our customer's business objectives. Our customers tell us that our solutions change the way they do business and allow them to find new ways of increasing market share and improving operations.  Ask us how we can help streamline processes, achieve interoperability and use clinical data analysis to meet your healthcare organization's demanding needs.